26thJune 2019 will mark the inaugural World Refrigeration Day (WRD), an international awareness campaign celebrating the invention, evolution and future of the cooling industry.

Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump businesses bear enormous significance to our ever day lives, yet they go largely unnoticed to the vast majority. WRD draws attention to the amazing engineering and science, as well as the skills and knowledge contained within the ‘cooling family’.

To coincide with the birthday of William Thompson, better known as Lord Kelvin, the Scottish-born father of thermodynamics and creator of the Kelvin Scale, the event next month will recognize all those that pioneered and contributed to the improvement of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

As well as acknowledging what has previously been achieved, UN-backed WRD champions an industry dedicated to the efficiencies and methods found to reduce the environmental impact of the cooling industry, which has become essential to modern day life.

With a long list of events being held worldwide (and online), here’s a few taking place right here in the UK (including the North West).

SkillFridge: refrigeration skills competition at the Practical Refrigeration Training Centre (PRTC), Burnley in Lancashire.

Sainsbury’s: refrigeration installation visits at its triple zero store Leicester and  400,000m³ distribution centre in Pineham Northampton.

Derbyshire Refrigeration: an open day at the head office in Nottingham.

TCS&D: live broadcast talks at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution Exhibition at the East of England Arena.

Trane UK: educational demonstrations and exercises for schools in Basingstoke.

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