Experts in the cooling industry are calling for more stringent enforcement of F-Gas regulations with non-complicit practices remaining widespread. Online sales have been cited as a key contributor, with digital and social media platforms complicating the task for regulatory bodies.

Head of Refcom, Graeme Fox, has promised to do more to police the problem and continue developing the policies already in place: “it is proving very difficult to regulate online sales, so we must police how gas is being charged when obtained by the end-user.”

The Cooling Post recently reported two thefts involving a total of over 20 tonnes of R134a, with similar crimes speculated but not yet proven.

With cheap contraband product becoming increasingly accessible due to online channels, Climarite urges all relevant businesses to act with caution, ensuring all refrigeration and air conditioning suppliers have the correct certification and meet all regulations.

Climarite Ltd is a Refcom registered company and is fully compliant with current F-Gas legislation.

UPDATE MAY 2019: EFCTC has established a confidential hotline to report illegal refrigerant sales.




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