The cooling industry has this week published a new free guide on flammable refrigerants.

‘Grow your business: get ready for flammable refrigerants’  has been developed by the European contractors’ association AREA, as well as other influential cooling bodies from across Europe, including: EPEE, ASERCOM and EFECT.

Designed to help prepare refrigeration and air conditioning engineers for the forthcoming changes driven by a vigorous HFC phase-down, the comprehensive guide ensures engineers can be fully equipped to handle systems both safely and within the legislative parameters.

A joint statement from the associations said: “This characteristic [flammability] has various direct impacts on installers’ daily work, whether in terms of qualifications, standards, manufacturers’ instructions or equipment and working conditions”.

The guide covers both A2L (lower flammability) and A3 (higher flammability) refrigerants, which provide an alternative to the HFCs being eradicated due to stringent new EU F-Gas regulations. Industry experts predict high GWP products will be eliminated entirely on an international level in the near future.

Placing emphasis on correct certification and working in accordance to local building codes and regulations, the guide also advises following manufacturer instructions and maintenance recommendations very carefully. The increasing issue of counterfeit refrigerants features prominently in the literature too.

“Uncertainty remains as we enter 2019 as to just how well-prepared industry is to realise a switch to Lower GWP product. With an upcoming ban just over a year away and an industry that appears to have managed to avoid crippling scarcity within it refrigerant needs during 2018, it remains hard to predict how prices for higher GWP products will be in 2019.”

Climarite Ltd is a Refcom registered company and is fully compliant with current F-Gas legislation. We service the North West region covering all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning.

For further advice on F-Gas regulations, low-GWP products or flammable refrigerants please contact Patrick at Climarite: 01704 630 515 / patrick@climarite.com


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