What is Climarite doing to prepare for the arrival of “very low-GWP” refrigerants?

It has been the hot topic for some time now but over recent months Climarite has observed increasing urgency around these zero-carbon but highly flammable gases.

A key contributor to this will be the launch of the UK’s first store to use HFO refrigerant R454B. For our team this is even more exciting as that store happens to be right here in the North West, just up the road in Manchester.

The landmark event has encouraged us to continue preparations within our own company, ensuring the smooth and safe transition into an era of low-GWP. Over the next 12 months Climarite is committed to:

  1. Issuing all engineers with a “getting ready for flammable refrigerants” guide developed by AREA, the European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) contractors:
  2. Enrolling all engineers on a one-day BESA training course on flammable refrigerants to obtain a Certificate of Assessment and Operative Card.
  3. Investing in new tools and equipment, such as compatible recovery units and vacuum pumps.


In addition to this, due to the gradual phase-down process involved with low-GWP, Climarite will continue to (and advise customers) to use less refrigerant and to be more efficient with the refrigerant available.

For further information about low-GWP refrigerants or our services please contact Climarite: / 01704 630 151.








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