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As hospitality heats up, we get ready to cool it back down again

Spring / Summer 2022 is going to be a hot one! Not only according to met office predictions but everyone’s social life is set to heat up now all covid restrictions have been dropped and we enter a more hedonistic “post-pandemic” era – at long last!  

As the hospitality industry sees an immediate influx of customers and is already preparing for its busiest summer in years, it’s our job to make sure your refrigeration equipment is working at its best and prevent any further hiccups.

Annual maintenance checks on all equipment is essential – saving a great deal of time, money and inconvenience in the long run – but there’s plenty that business owners and managers can be doing to keep breakdowns to a minimum:  

  1. Review stock: carrying excess stock in refrigeration equipment can prevent vital air circulation and is one of the most common causes of unit failure. It’s also one of the simplest problems to identify and rectify. 
  2. Do a hygiene clean: equipment can only be cleaned thoroughly once empty so this and the above go hand-in-hand. Remove all contents of the refrigerator before pulling the unit out completely to clear inside and out – check for obstructions around vents, the condition of electrical cables etc whilst doing so.
  3. Descale and sanitisation is recommended: especially on equipment such as ice machines, freezer cold rooms etc. There will be section in the user manual with instructions of exactly how to do both of these things – every piece of equipment is different so always check the guidance. If unsure request the help of your engineer who will show you the best technique. 
  4. Check door seals and keep units closed: units that are used most frequently may discover wear and tear of the door seal. To replace the seal is reletively low cost but failure to do so will force the unit to overcompensate leading to other, often more costly, long-term damage and breakdown issues.  Bottle fridges are particularly sensitive to this. And you’d be surprised how often staff don’t close a door properly!
  5. Keep you ears peeled: modern units that have been correctly installed should be relatively quiet and unnoticeable. Strange noises – such as loud humming, rattling or buzzing sounds – indicate that an internal part isn’t functioning properly. A qualified engineer will be able to identify the problem quickly and make the necessary repairs before the system is more seriously damaged.

Climarite services the hospitality and catering industry across the North West region – including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire – as well as North Yorkshire.

To book a PPM or service on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment contact Climarite on: 01704 630 515.

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