If there’s one thing we know about our numerous clients working in the food service industry is that they work damn hard – not only in terms of hours but intensity too. Commercial kitchens are renowned for being hot and high-pressured, so a fridge going down is the last thing anyone wants.

Choosing the right equipment (alongside adequate maintenance) is paramount for a stress-free catering environment. It’s also a key factor in meeting stringent health and safety standards, fully utilizing space and ensuring the freshest food possible.

Seeking advice from a reputable refrigeration company will ensure individual requirements are met but these tips offer some food for thought (pardon the pun!):

1.) Size matters – variables such as quantity, size and shape, packaging and storage life of products is a key consideration. Customer demand and growth will also bear a significant impact, especially for larger facilities. Underestimating the size required will lead to overstock – one of the most common and fundamental mistakes – but overestimating will only waste space and money.

2.) To buy or not to buy – purchasing may be the option best for your business but don’t overlook the advantages of renting either, especially if your business is in a state of growth or flux, seasonally-lead or requires larger (and typically more costly) equipment. Our partners at Lowe are world leaders in refrigeration rentals.

3.) Bet on brand– it pays to invest in good quality, reputable brands. Service breakdowns are part and parcel of the industry but can be costly, inconvenient and avoided at all costs. If you’re buying equipment in particular look for long-life span to ensure value for money and retain resale value – one mans trash and all that…

4.) Ask the experts – chest, upright, underbench, counter top, double door… plenty of options that often leave customers feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ultimately this boils down to what works best your business, the space available and sometimes personal preference too, but it’s always worth getting a professional opinion – they will look at things more objectively and also check all technical aspects.

For further information and advice about catering refrigeration contact Patrick at Climarite.

Climarite services the hospitality and catering industry across the North West region – including Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire.

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