The Climarite team has arrived at Chillventa; the worlds largest exhibition for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, boasting an impressive 981 exhibitors from 138 different countries.

During the three-day expo – which is expected to attract over 35,000 visitors – we’ll be getting a feel for how the industry is expected to evolve over the coming years and what’s new in product innovation, ensuring our customers receive the best possible advice and service.

Energy efficiency and sustainability clearly remain the key driving forces behind the industry; but cost-efficient materials, improved user experience and advancement in the downloading and storing of data also features heavily.

In addition to the sleek-looking systems and new technology catching our eye, what the event is really bringing to light is the sheer size of the industry and the speed at which it’s developing. The anticipated growth and evolution provides a real sense of optimism, not only for those working directly within it but also for the broader landscape, including our own customers.

Climarite already looks forward to Chillventa 2020!

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