Well 2019 certainly marked Climarite’s busiest year but has it been the most successful?

Overall it has been a fruitful year for us, both in terms of business growth and also from a recruitment perspective (more about that later) but as a young company there is still a great deal we want to achieve. As an evolving team and business, our main now is to consolidate our knowledge, including everything we have learnt as a business in 2019, to make the next year more efficacious.

Looking first at business growth; key areas of development include the hospitality and catering sector, as well as large retail including Supermarkets. Our partnerships with both national and global refrigeration companies have continued to proliferate, which has seen demand for service calls double within a 12 month period.

Climarite’s install division has also enjoyed unprecedented success with a high increase in independent projects as well as ongoing partnerships. An increase in maintenance projects has also contributed to substantial business growth.

The business has also expanded in terms of  team personnel and experienced engineers. Noteworthy hires include Operations Manager, Brett Smith in January and Refrigeration Engineer, Michal Druzkawiecki in November. Both team members have brought invaluable industry insight and energy into the company making an immediate impact.

Climarite’s priority going into 2020 is to continue improving its service to customers by progressing the business on an operational level and fully utilising the vast experience of the team. The proactive recruitment of exceptional engineers and industry professionals will continue in order to support organic business growth and other strategic opportunities.

Patrick Connolly, owner of Climarite, says: “with the right hires and a great deal of hard work from the team, not forgetting the loyalty of key customers and the opportunities they have presented us with, we have enjoyed cranking the business up a notch or two this year.

Not only have we been able to expand our reach geographically but also use the broader skillset of the team to diversify into new areas and take on larger projects.

Our aim for 2020 remains the same as it’s always been, to keep our heads down and deliver the best possible standard to everyone we work with. We wish all employees, customers, partners and associates the very best for the year ahead.”

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