2018 has marked our busiest year to date, with new contracts bringing a greater volume and variety of work across a wider geographical reach.

Supermarkets, large retail and the hospitality sector continue to form a large proportion of our work. Climarite has also observed growth in the manufacturing and leisure industries, as well as forging ongoing relationships with commercial landlords and facilities management companies.

While new contracts and alliances were significant to company growth, Climarite has also secured a number of additional projects presented by existing partners. The number of install jobs rose three fold.

Throughout the year the Climarite team – including staff and subcontractors – have been diligent, flexible and demonstrated a high level of technical to maintain a high level of customer service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each team member for their continued efforts and loyalty to the company.

Climarite is already gearing up for further growth and improvement in 2019. In January, we look forward to beginning new maintenance contracts and a number of install jobs. We also have a new senior engineer and operations manager starting, bringing with him a great deal of experience and expertise in both refrigeration and air conditioning.

So once again, thank you to everyone who’s played a role in our company this year. We wish you the best for the 2019!

Recent news

Climarite has launched a new Energy Management Review (EMR) service designed to save customers on energy costs – refrigeration and air conditioning frequently the primary cause of consumption. The service allows customers to tap into Climarite’s expertise in advanced building control and energy management creating significant savings for their business.  Bespoke packages can be offered to customers […]

Climarite Ltd remains operational during the current Covid-19 situation, prioritsing those involved in the critical healthcare and food supply chain. In order to adhere to Government guidelines and advice, we are providing emergency breakdown and essential maintenance services in the North West region only. Thank you to all of our customers, partners and friends in […]